Pricing & Pick-Up Info

Minimum of 4 Loads for Residential, Airbnb and Salons

13lbs is the usual industry “1 Load” weight = And we charge $27 Per Load

We take :

Venmo – 760.212.9677

Zelle – Use 760 212 9677

Google Pay – Use

We do contactless Pick Up and Delivery With Masks:

Feel free to stand at the door six feet apart if you don’t want to leave your clothes outside your door. We will knock at appointment time.


  1. Please use CLEAN 13 gal trash bags for EACH LOAD for Pick-Up. One completely filled 13 gallon trash bag is considered one load. *NO BULK ITEMS*. We don’t weigh, so this gives us a quick ability to know if you have 4, 5, or 6 loads. Or one [not over], [13 gal/52 qt ] sized CLEAN laundry basket per load, [4 Load Min – 6 Load Max.] We return clothes in bags if no basket or folded in your baskets. Basically about a regular sized Laundry Basket.

2. Have clothes ready at 7AM, on the step or at the inside of your door if we have to knock. Thanks

3. No Bulk Items.

4. We will text you when the clothes are almost dry. Make sure your home for drop off which will be approximately 3 or 4 hours after drop off. we go directly do Laundromat and begin wash, dry and fold.

5. If for some reason we don’t hear from you we will leave clothes at your door or in a secure location you have instructed us to leave them in.

Thank You For Supporting Indie Local Businesses!!! You are appreciated.

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